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Talos 94

Fully retractable bollard for access control

Automatic oil-hydraulic system, 230 Vac


Diameter 275
Height 500 / 600 / 700 / 800
Thickness 4


Recommended to control access to residential areas and also for commercial, industrial and urban applications requiring a high number of operations a day.


Hydraulic locking device in standing position (standard) and emergency manual lowering by a release spanner supplied with the equipment. Solenoid valve (as an option) for automatic lowering in case of power failure. Obstacle detector to prevent the bollard from rising when an obstacle is on it. Heating device for applications in cold climates (-40 °C).


The handy housing position of the motor pump and oil-hydraulic actuator inside the bollard allows for easy maintenance and reduces service and installation times. In this way the components are also more protected, rust and other factors of deterioration are prevented.


Scratch-proof cataphoresis treated and polyester powder coated steel rising cylinder. Available also in AISI 304 and AISI 316 brushed stainless steel options. HRC models (High Resistance Cylinder) for a greater resistance to breakout: 420.000 J. Connector and junction box IP 66 for cabling. Hall effect limit switch sensors, cylinder head with rubber edge and integrated LED lights.


A vast range of command and safety accessories allow for reliable and precise control of the installations. Beeper to signal the movements. The electronic control unit can be set so that it can manage several bollards at a time.

  • Cylinder diameter (mm)
  • Cylinder thickness (mm)
  • Cylinder height from ground (mm)
  • Cylinder material
    S235JRH steel
    stainless steel AISI 304
    stainless steel AISI 316
  • Cylinder treatment and finishing
    cataphoresis and polyester powder coating RAL 1028
  • Dip
    hot dip galvanization
  • Working temperature (°C)
    -20 ÷ +80
    (-40 with heater)
  • Oil type
  • Power supply (Vac – Hz)
    230 - 50
  • Absorbed power (W)
  • Absorbed current (A)
    1,8 ÷ 3,5
  • Power yield (kW / HP)
    0,25 / 0,33
  • Grade of protection IP motor-pump
  • Frequency of use (cycles/day)
    heavy duty / 2.000
  • Impact resistance (J)
    52.000 | 70.000 - HRC
  • Breakout resistance (J)
    320.000 | 420.000 - HRC
  • Maximum static load (kg)

Fully retractable, heavy duty, automatic bollard consisting of an oil-hydraulic motor-pump unit incorporated inside the main structure and an oil-hydraulic actuator inside the moving cylinder. Suitable to meet residential, commercial and industrial requirements and urban applications. IP 67. Height from ground level can be 500, 600, 700 or 800 mm. Scratch-proof S235JRH steel moving cylinder, thickness 4 mm and ø 275 mm, cataphoresis treated and polyester powder coated, AISI 304 or AISI 316 brushed stainless steel options available. Cylinder head made of aluminium fitted with rubber edge and 12 amber-colour integrated LED lights. Cathaphoresis treated aluminium cover plate. Head and cover plate are slip-proof and tread resistant. Moving cylinder fitted with an approved retro-reflecting, high intensity micro-prismatic adhesive film (h 80 mm). Hot-dip galvanized steel pit. Access to the hydraulic release device for emergency manual lowering of the bollard by a special spanner with a triangular socket. Impact resistance 52.000 J [HRC: 70.000 J], breakout resistance 320.000 J [HRC: 420.000 J], static load max 1.500 kg (bollard in raised position), max 20.000 kg (in lowered position). Working temperature -40 ÷ +80 °C. Supply voltage 230 Vac ± 10%, 50 Hz. Absorbed power 1.100 W. Rising time ~ 2,14 s [h 500 mm from ground level], ~ 2,57 s [h 600 mm from ground level], ~ 3,0 s [h 700 mm from ground level], ~ 3,42 s [h 800 mm from ground level]. Intensive use 2.000 cycles/a day.

Instruction Manual