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Strabuc 930 Opinat

Fully retractable automatic bollard for traffic control

Automatic oil-hydraulic system, 230 Vac


Diameter 275
Height 700
Thickness 12


Designed to control vehicle traffic and access to streets, squares, historic centres, lanes, Limited Traffic Zones, pedestrian areas or municipal parking areas. Minimum architectural, urban and environmental impact.


Drive unit and actuator integrated inside the bollard structure and cylinder. Solenoid valve for lowering within a time of 5 s in case of electric power failure.


Dimensions: ø 275 x h 700 mm (from ground level). Made of steel with polyester powder coated finishing, 9 incorporated LED lights, slip-proof, tread resistant and cataphoresis treated aluminium head with rubber edge. Mechanical limit switches, release spanner supplied with the equipment. Tested for heavy duty applications.


Complete range of accessories to achieve a certified installation: loop detector for metallic masses, traffic lights, warning sign, emergency and automatic command by breaking the glass, E.A.R. 35 acoustic device detecting the sirens of the vehicles for public security and roadside emergency and so allowing immediate lowering of the bollard. Movement signalling Beeper. 
STRABUC 930 OPINAT is reserved only and exclusively for the Italian market.


The electronic control unit can be set so that it can manage several bollards at a time.

  • Cylinder diameter (mm)
  • Cylinder thickness (mm)
  • Cylinder height from ground (mm)
  • Cylinder material
    S355J2H steel
  • Cylinder treatment and finishing
    cataphoresis and polyester
    powder coating RAL 7016
  • Pit
    hot dip galvanization
  • Rising time (s) [cm/s]
    ~11,6 [6]
  • Lowering time (s) [cm/s]
    ~9,9 [7]
  • Working temperature (°C)
    -20 ÷ +80 (-40) [A]
  • Oil type
  • Power supply (Vac – Hz)
    230 - 50
  • Absorbed power (W)
  • Absorbed current (A)
  • Power yield (kW / HP)
    0,25 / 0,33
  • Grade of protection IP / motor-pump
  • Frequency of use (cycles/day)
    heavy duty / 2.000
  • Impact resistance (J)
  • Breakout resistance (J)
  • Maximum static load (kg)
  • Bollard weight (kg)

[A]: Possibility to install the automatic bollard in very cold areas, -40 °C and even less, without freezing problems. Refer to code 2590L or, as an alternative for existing installations, code 2746L.

Fully retractable automatic bollard for heavy duty applications, approved by Decree D.D. 25477 dated 09.08.2006 of the Ministry of Transport. Suitable for installations in public areas, for perimeter applications in squares and historic city centers, for access control to lanes, Limited Traffic Zones, pedestrian areas or municipal parking areas. A bollard consisting of an oil-hydraulic motor-pump unit incorporated inside the main structure and an oil-hydraulic actuator inside the moving cylinder. IP 67. Height from ground is 700 mm. Cylinder made of S355J2H steel, thickness 12 mm and ø 275 mm, cataphoresis treated and polyester powder coated. Aluminium cylinder head with rubber edge. Cataphoresis treated aluminium collar. Head and collar are slip-proof and tread resistant. Moving cylinder fitted with an approved retro-reflecting, high intensity micro-prismatic adhesive film (h 80 mm), and 9 radially fitted amber-colour LED lights. Spontaneous descent of the bollard in case of power failure. Beeper signalling the movements of the cylinder. Hot dip galvanized, steel ground casing. Head with access to the hydraulic release device allowing the manual lowering in an emergency by means of a spanner with triangular socket. Impact resistance 45.000 J, breakout resistance 410.000 J, static load max 1.600 kg bollard in raised position, max 20.000 kg in lowered position. Working temperature -40 ÷ +80 °C. Supply voltage 230 Vac ± 10%, 50 Hz. Absorbed power 330 W. Rising time ~ 11,6 s. Intensive use 2.000 cycles/a day

Instruction Manual