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Dardo 424

For swinging gates

Electromechanical operator on-the-gate mount

For residential applications

24 Vdc

2,5 m | 400 kg


24 Vdc irreversible electromechanical operator. The mechanics include a steel rolled worm screw, brass threaded nut, teflon crown gear, radial bearing and lubricated bushings.


Release system for manual operations by means of the same key that also opens the protection cover.


Gate delay can be simply programmed automatically, or manually by a button in the electronic control unit ELPRO 42. Mechanical stop plates in open and closed positions, fitted to the cover and adjustable.


Anti-crush system by the encoder and amperometric constant monitoring to ensure the correct functioning of the operator, reversing gate travel on impact with possible obstacles. Acceleration and deceleration on each cycle.


Protection cover made of pressure cast aluminium and polyester powder coating.

  • Power supply (Vac – Hz)
    230 - 50
  • Motor voltage (Vdc)
  • Max. absorbed power (W)
  • Max. absorbed current (A)
  • Opening time 90° (s)
    16 ÷ 20 [D]
  • Speed (mm/s)
    16 ÷ 20 [D]
  • Max. torque (N)
  • Working temperature (°C)
    -20 ÷ +50
  • Grade of protection IP
  • Rod useful stroke (mm)
    320 [E]
  • Weight (kg)
  • Frequency of use
    very intensive

[D]: Opening and closing times depend on the fixing distances, speed adjustment and gate inertia.
[E]: Without the mechanical stops it is possible to extend travel by 60 mm, but it is required that gate stops be fitted on to the ground both in open and closed gate positions.

The gate structure, size and possible strong winds may affect the values as indicated. Always make sure the gate is adequate to be automatically operated and remove any possible friction points.

Instruction Manual