Oil-hydraulic technology

Why choose an oil hydraulic product ?

Meccanica Fadini works together with companies that stand out for the professionalism with which they design, develop and manufacture their products. These characteristics are essential to a company that has been operating in the poweroperated door and gate market for over thirty years.

The technology used in our automations is characterized by the use of avant-garde oil-hydraulic products. Even today, many of our clients still ask us why we chose to use oil-hydraulic technology. We give them a very simple answer: this product offers quality standards that satisfy all our clients.


  • this technology has been tried and tested over thirty years
  • it enables us to meet all installation requirements
  • it provides the best protection against crushing
  • it is noise free
  • it is ideal for small residential installations and large industrial installations
  • it has a constant opening and closing rhythm, free from jerky movements
  • it is constructed using long-lasting and reliable materials

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Technical backup

Fadini is always available to help you to solve your installation doubts and select the correct products and accessories

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