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Established at the end of the 60’s, MECCANICA FADINI is today one of the leading manufacturers of automatic gate systems in the European Community and is represented in more than 50 nations. The company, the plant of which spreads over a vast area in Cerea, in the province of Verona, has grown very fast and specializes in developing, designing, producing and trading access control systems, for industrial, commercial and residential applications.

It has been one of the first companies to innovate the market of automatic gate systems believing in oil-hydraulics as the fundamental working principle to incorporate into its own products. Thanks to the experience achieved directly on the field, Meccanica Fadini is always in the vanguard, offering the most modern and reliable solutions, associated with high productivity.

The today’s unquestioned reality of the company is the result of the use of the most advanced technologies and specifically targeted investments, which have eventually evolved into the present situation of plurality where the company is made up of 4 individual and autonomous factories.

By pioneering the use of microprocessors, with the purpose of centralizing and controlling all the required operating functions, and SMT electronic control boards, Meccanica Fadini has reached today the top level of developing capability and technological innovation.

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The level of expertise reached by the Fadini company can be summarized into an innovative, smart and functional design, into the use of materials that combine extreme functionality with specific, anti-corrosion treatments and into severe tests and quality control, all this to achieve products offering the utmost in performance and long time reliability.

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Fadini is always available to help you to solve your installation doubts and select the correct products and accessories

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